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tofu, wakame, scallion, mushroom

chicken miso somen$12
somen noodles, bean sprout, soft boiled egg

avocado miso$8
grilled shrimp, masago, micro cilantro, fried onion bits

butternut lobster bisque$9
roasted butternut squash, maine lobster


seaweed salad$6
marinated kelp, chili-sesame oil, lemon juice

house salad$6
crisp field greens, cucumbers, grape tomatoes,
parmesan cheese, wonton chips
[choice of ginger sesame or creamy miso dressing]

warm salmon salad$18
4 oz. yuzu coshu grilled salmon, arugula, yuzu


sea salt or spicy

panko egg$8
two soft boiled eggs, trout roe, chives, truffle salt

chicken katsu$10
fried chicken breast, panko, plum wine sauce

teriyaki rib eye maki$15
prime ribe eye, avocado, sweet potato, teriyaki glaze reduction

vegetable tempura$6
sweet potato, onion, green bean, asparagus, eggplant, bell pepper

lobster and shrimp roll$10
lobster, shrimp, cream cheese, green onion, wrapped in wonton skin, tempura fried

shrimp tempura$9
four pieces of shrimp in tempura batter

kobe cubes$14
ground kobe beef, crispy rice cake, quail egg sunny side up, black pepper soy glaze

steamed mussels$12
blue mussels, miso mirin broth, garlic toast

kobe hot rock$19
prime akaushi beef, hot stone, table side

kimchi gyoza$7
five pieces, ground pork, kimchi, tofu


truffle tuna$15
maguro sashimi, white truffle oil, crispy garlic chips

spicy tuna, avocado, wasabi cream sauce, crispy wonton

L&J loya special$15
hamachi sashimi, parmigiano reggiano, thin sliced jalapeños, ponzu sauce

japanese crudo$16
white fish sashimi, fresh herbs, negi oil, ponzu sauce

yellow pon$16
hamachi sashimi, thin sliced jalapeños

beef tataki$13
thin sliced rare beef, white truffle oil, ponzu sauce

striped bass carpacci$15
thin sliced suzuki, fuji apple salad, orange infused olive oil, dehydrated japanese mint

uptown oysters$mkt
fresh seasonal oysters, shucked, jalapeno relish, tobiko, ponzu

[lunch sets]

all lunch sets are served with steamed rice, kimchi gyoza and a choice of miso soup or side salad

chicken katsu$15
fried chicken breast, panko bread crumbs, japanese potato salad

pan seared, shaved brussel sprouts, spicy yuzu dressing

balsamic teriyaki chicken$15
chicken breast, balsamic teriyaki demi-glaze, green bean tempura

shrimp tempura, assorted vegetable tempura

4oz. grilled akaushi beef skirt steak, sweet soy demi-glaze, japanese potato salad

seiho scallops$15
four scallops, jalapeño garlic butter, asparagus

uptown special$22
teriyaki rib eye maki, shrimp tempura, vegetable tempura, sweet potato puree, balsamic reduction

[sushi bar sets]

sushi bar special$21
chef’s selection of specialty roll, five piece nigiri and miso soup

chirashi rice bowl$25
assorted sashimi slices, cucumbers, kaiware, ikura and miso soup

spicy tuna rice bowl$19
chopped tuna, masago, iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, quail egg sunny side up and miso soup