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[signature nigiri]

with toppings, all $4.75 each

scallop garlic soy sauce, avocado, wasabi tobiko, cherry tomato

tuna tamari soy sauce, fennel, jalapeño infused tofu

yellowtail ponzu, parmesan, jalapeño, habanero tobiko

seared escolar anago sauce, olive oil, negi, sesame seed, garlic chip

snow crab ceviche topping

salmon chili oil, truffle salt, crushed garlic chip, green onion

red snapper avocado, soy tobiko, salt, olive oil, garlic chip, lemon zest

freshwater eel in-house mango cheesecake

tiger shrimp wonton crunch, negi, cherry tomato, cilantro, jalapeño

sea bass sun dried tomatoes, shiso salt, black pepper, raspberry

[signature maki]

all traditional and custom rolls available upon request

don roll #2$13
snow crab and avocado baked with white fish, masago caviar and ponzu

7 1/2$15
tuna, salmon, yellowtail, masago, avocado, tempura fried and topped with pepper paste, eel sauce and japanese mayo

fresh salmon and white onions topped with fresh jalapeño, green tabasco and ponzu sauce

shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cucumber, masago, sprouts in soy paper

spicy tuna topped with fresh salmon, avocado and pepper paste

bahama breeze$16
peppercorn tuna, onion tempura, topped with crawfish salad mix, cilantro, spicy miso dressing and wonton chips

shrimp tempura, avocado, topped with fresh salmon, spicy tuna, pepper paste, eel sauce and japanese mayo

lickety split$18
softshell crawfish, spicy tuna, cucumber, sprouts, topped with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, avocado, pepper paste, eel sauce and japanese mayo

fresh salmon, kani kama, tempura fried in soy paper, topped with avocado, eel sauce, sriracha and spicy japanese mayo

pee wee$12
spicy yellowtail, masago, green onions, topped with avocado

top tuna$14
snow crab, green apple, jalapeño, asparagus, topped with tuna and micro greens

uptown dragon$15
kani kama, fresh water eel, cucumber, topped with avocado, shrimp tempura, eel sauce and japanese five-spice

spicy yellowtail, tuna, fresh salmon, topped with seared white fish and miso citrus sauce

spicy tuna topped with peppercorn tuna, avocado, ponzu sauce and sesame oil

smoked salmon, avocado, jalapeño, green salad topped with green onion dressing

shrimp tempura and spicy tuna in soy paper topped with salmon, escolar, jalapeño
and spicy japanese mayo

[traditional nigiri and sashimi]

nigiri – 1 piece | sashimi – 4 pieces

  • *side of pickled wasabi $2.5
  • yellowfin tuna $2.5 | $9.5
  • bluefin tuna $3.25 | $11
  • chu toro $mkt
  • oh toro $mkt
  • white tuna $2.75 | $9.5
  • black pepper tuna $2.75 | $9.5
  • fresh salmon $2.75 | $9.5
  • smoked salmon $2.75 | $9.5
  • mackerel $2.75 | $9.5
  • sea bass $2.75 | $9.5
  • red snapper $2.75 | $9.5
  • escolar $2.75 | $9.5
  • freshwater eel $mkt
  • saltwater eel $mkt
  • shrimp $2.25 | $8
  • smelt roe $2.25 | $8
  • salmon roe $3.25 | $11
  • red tipped clam $3.25 | $9
  • snow crab $mkt
  • flying fish roe $2.25 | $8
  • sea urchin $mkt
  • sweet shrimp $4.25 | $14
  • soft shell crawfish $mkt
  • yellowtail $2.75 | $9.5
  • scallop/spicy scallop $3.25 | $10
  • squid $2.25 | $8